Types of Google Ads Advertising Campaigns

Types of Google Ads Advertising Campaigns


In the new realities, in the period of accelerated introduction of digital technologies, any business from a street cafe to an international corporation must quickly adapt and evolve. This includes the approach to advertising their goods and services.

In the last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer behavior has changed significantly and new habits have developed. They search for goods and services online, watch movies and videos on the Internet, communicate there with friends and colleagues. The number of online purchases has increased by more than 40%, just like the number of inquiries. On the one hand, in this connection, it has become more difficult for businesses to fight for the consumer, as competition has increased, and on the other hand, the circle of those to whom you can offer your product has increased.

Because of this, contextual advertising Google Ads becomes an integral segment in communication with the consumer, and in the struggle for him. What is contextual advertising? This is a type of online advertising, the essence of which is to show paid ads in response to user requests and depending on the interests of the user. First of all, it helps to be where you are looking for and, most importantly, to choose your product or service.

Google Ads offers advertisers to run several types of advertising campaigns, which will be discussed below.

Google Ads search campaigns are the most popular among advertisers. After all, search advertising is targeted at the "warmest" customers and those who are already looking for a product or service. Such advertising is suitable for any business. Its essence is that after entering a search query by the user, the system offers the most relevant to the query ads.

Display advertising allows you to reach potential customers with display ads when they visit various sites, watch videos on YouTube, check the mail, and use mobile applications. Media advertising is also effective and much cheaper than search advertising and is shown many times more often. You can use it to target keywords, interests, intentions, geography, demographics, etc.

Shopping campaign - this type of advertising is especially effective for online retail stores. The specificity lies in the most informative for the client ad format - a product ad, which includes an image of the product, its name, price, and other important attributes to choose from. This helps to immediately form the user's idea of ​​the relevance of the proposal, even before going to the site. You can read about shopping campaigns in our blog, if you want to know more.

Video advertising. Using video advertising, you can increase audience reach, sales, attract more traffic to the site, increase the visibility of your company. Ads will appear on their own or while watching streaming videos on YouTube, on Google's network of sites and applications, allowing you to reach your target audience according to your preferences (demographics, geographies, interests, intentions, etc.).

When creating an application, you want as many users as possible to install it, or those who are willing to pay more. But how to attract them? App campaigns allow you to place ads on Google's largest resources, such as Search, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search recommendations, and the Display Network. Unlike other types of campaigns, you don't need to create individual ads. This is done automatically, using your options for text, images, videos, and objects taken from the application page in the application store.

If your company specializes in a narrow field of activity, Google advertising has special types of campaigns - local campaigns. This type of advertising is designed to attract visitors to the store, office, or offline point. They are especially relevant for businesses where the decision to buy depends on the location: fitness centers, cafes, dry cleaners, etc.

Discovery campaigns are image ad campaigns designed to show users who aren't currently looking for a product but are just surfing the web. Thanks to it, you will be able to reach even more potential customers when they search for information on popular Google resources - from the latest fashion trends to videos with culinary recipes. The product is shown to a rather cold audience. We can say that its "temperature" is even lower than in the case of Display Advertising. But there is a plus, it could not get to your competitor. Such an audience still has "unclouded eyes", but it is potentially interested in your offer and is ready to try new products.

We encourage advertisers to run and test different types of Google Ads campaigns based on their business to attract potential customers, and we know exactly how to do business. After all, with the right settings, contextual advertising is sure to bring the desired result.

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