The Role of Creatives in Targeted Advertising

The Role of Creatives in Targeted Advertising


Checklist for Successful Creatives

Although many people underestimate the importance of creatives, they play a crucial role in targeted advertising as an effective tool to capture the attention of potential customers and attract them to advertising campaigns. The main goal of creatives is to generate interest in the target audience and convince them to take a specific action, such as visiting a website or purchasing a product or service.

The main rules for creatives include a clear message, understandable and concise text, and other similar elements. Many internet resources provide "checklists for successful creatives" or similar examples for designing creatives. While these tips are useful, it's important to focus on something else.

With the growth of the advertising industry and its increasing presence on social media, people's engagement with ads has decreased. Recent studies have shown that people need only three seconds to become interested, instead of the previous 15 seconds. This means that people pay less and less attention to creatives, making the requirements for them more demanding. No one is stopping you from creating a 15-minute commercial with a 10-second tagline, but its problem will be low conversion rates among viewers.


Even this kind of commercial can be saved if you can interest someone in the first three seconds! How?

Mercedes-Benz have shown how nature visualizes the brand logo

Specialists from the globally renowned company Mercedes-Benz have shown how nature visualizes the brand logo. Throughout the entire commercial, you won't see a single word, and that's what will interest you. In this case, you are intrigued by something unknown from the first second, which makes you watch the video until the end. Therefore, the most important rule to follow is to SURPRISE, and Mercedes did it. They surprised potential customers by showing them their logo in everyday things.

creative from the well-known company McDonald's

Another example of creative advertising is creative from the well-known company McDonald's, which reminds the customer of the only correct choice of a place where they can buy the most delicious nuggets. And indeed, upon seeing such an advertisement, one intuitively recalls the taste and quality of the offer. And if the potential customer did not have a bad impression of this product, there is a 90% likelihood that they will not want to experiment with other companies and will order food from you.

In summary, we can understand that our main rule is to interest the potential customer to view our offer. And the most important thing in this process is creativity and understanding of the customer's needs.

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