The structure of writing posts on Instagram\Facebook

The structure of writing posts on Instagram\Facebook


The structure of writing posts on Instagram\Facebook"The main rule of copywriting in Instagram\Facebook - any content always has its task. In any social network, publications have goals: to increase sales, promote a brand or personality, create content to interact with subscribers, and others.

Every SMM user is always faced with a problem - what should be the structure of writing posts on Instagram or Facebook? Working in this area, we have prepared tips for writing posts on social networks.

  1. The title is an intrigue.
  2. The main part - solving the problem/need; evidence; belief
  3. End - a proposal or call to action (call to action).

Let's analyze step by step all three sub-items for writing a text on the structure of Instagram.

Post title

This is your first impression for the reader. These few words decide the fate of your post at the beginning. Interested in the first phrase - congratulations, you won the fight for attention.

To write an introduction correctly - try to use the 4U rule

  • usefulness;
  • uniqueness;
  • ultraspecificity;
  • urgency.

For example:"My selection for tourists in Kotor"

"A dress that will hide the shortcomings of the figure ..."

"Life hacks that will simplify the life of a young mother"

"How to assemble a first aid kit in 5 minutes?"

The main part of the Instagram post.

In the structure of the main text, it is worth noting your value - that you solve their problem by giving them the information "Keep a selection prepared for young mothers" or "Free edge dress that was waiting for you"

This unit is designed to ensure that your reader will meet their needs (find a suitable product with a description, find advice on how to quickly assemble a first aid kit, or what you need for a baby in the early days).

Use for this:

  • Detailed description, if it is a tourist place;
  • Benefits if it\'s a dress;
  • List of goods, if it is a selection for a first aid kit;
  • A list of tips if these are tips for moms;

Separate the paragraphs to visually "unload" the text and add emojis to make the text look bright.

What about the evidence? You can back up the numbers from the statistics that convince the reader the most. "Traveling this route, you can take Instagram photos and surprise your friends." "A selection of tips that will help keep your nerves, and the baby will always be happy."

Ending in the post

Not only the beginning of the text but also the end is important. Here you should place a specific call to action: buy, subscribe, follow the link, write in Direct - something that will make the user stay with you.

Example: "Keep this selection if you plan to visit Kotor." "To find out the price and get a discount, write in Direct code word, dream dress"

In addition to writing posts correctly, Google ADS or Facebook ADS will also help your business.

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