Google Shopping is One of The Most Effective Tools for Retailers?

Google Shopping is One of The Most Effective Tools for Retailers?


Every retailer would like to use all sales channels to get the most out of it. As online advertising is now an integral part of a successful business, we will talk about effective tools that will help you increase sales and revenue.

One such tool is Google Shopping. It has proven to be a very effective solution for retailers. Let\'s take a look at what Google Shopping is and what its benefits are.

Google Shopping or Google Campaigns is a type of Google advertising that is an image ad with a photo of the product and its price.

To launch a trading campaign, you need to go through several stages:

  • Create a Google Merchant Center account.
  • Linking Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts.
  • Create a data feed and upload it to Google Merchant Center.
  • Create a Google Ads Merchant Campaign.

A feed is a file with detailed information about your products, which is presented in the form of mandatory and situational attributes.

Also, keep in mind that your company, products, promotions, and website must comply with Google Shopping policies.

But what does such advertising look like and what are its main advantages?

More target audience coverage.

You will be able to reach and interact with more potential customers, as product ads may appear:

  • Google Search (Next to Search Results)
  • Google search partner sites
  • Google Display Network (YouTube, Gmail, and Google Recommendations)
Significant reduction of non-target transitions.

The product ad contains a photo of the product with the name, brand, color, size, and current price. This information helps the user understand whether the offer is relevant to him before clicking on the ad.

In addition, the ad directs the user directly to the product page, which reduces the likelihood that the visitor will simply "get lost" on the site and will not make a purchase.

Сonspicuousness and visibility of the ad.

Because the product ad is an informative image - it is more attractive and easier to perceive, and also stands out compared to text ads.

Easy to operate.

Keyword selection is not required. Based on the information in the feed, Google\'s algorithms themselves decide which search queries will show ads.

Flexible reporting capabilities.

Statistics on the work of the campaign of any level of detail. For example, it will help to identify the most effective products and make appropriate adjustments.\n' + "Depending on the use of Google's machine learning algorithms, there are two types of trading campaigns: Normal and Smart. The main difference between them is that a smart trading campaign makes the most of Google's automated algorithms. This allows you to show ads to the most interesting segment of the audience, who are more likely to go through the ad and make a purchase. In the vast majority of cases, a smart trading campaign shows a lower cost-per-click and a higher conversion rate.

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